Wisconsin Rotunda Protest

Forward Together Wisconsin is a state-wide, intentionally inclusive and diverse moral movement that brings together a broad coalition of individuals and organizations. We are led by personal conviction, faith or philosophy.  We are committed to work through nonviolent action for the implementation of sound and ethical public policies and laws at every level which will benefit all of the residents of our state.

Our goal is to build collective power in order to affirm the humanity of every person, uphold the stewardship of the natural resources that sustain us, and preserve the moral foundations of our society.

What do we stand for?

It’s time to recharge our democracy by bringing people and the issues that affect all of us to the table to promote the common good.

Common sense and moral decency call us to unite in a wholehearted attempt to preserve a society that we would want to pass on to the next generation.

We work toward the following goals which we believe are necessary for a just, safe and healthy society:

  • Government that is for and by the people, and not controlled by the wealthy alone.
  •  Full inclusion and protection from discrimination for all members of society.
  •  Protection of our natural environment.
  •  Affordable healthcare and education for all.
  •  A shift to funding human needs, rather than the current focus on violence, war and mass incarceration.
  •  An economy based on human and ecological needs before profit
  •  Government that supports initiatives for the good of all, supported by ability to pay.
  •  Protection from undue government intrusion on life choices that do not harm others.

Forward Together Wisconsin is currently a project of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice.